LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy or Light Emitting Diode (LED) "Phototherapy" is the act of using low-level light to treat a variety of conditions of the skin, hair and body. How this process works is the LED light emits certain levels of energy that is absorbed by the skin and tissue cells, and stimulates them by converting the energy into cell-powering proteins that enhance cell performance. The resulting action produces clear skin, less pain, and complexion improvement!

About Celluma

Celluma is LED Light Therapy, approved by the FDA, clinically tested and portable enough to accomodate different parts of the body. Its flexible, adjustable,  compact and has three light therapy settings to target specific needs.

Celluma for Acne

The depth of blue light is 465nm (nonometers) from the surface of the skin. This distance is optimal for fighting bacteria that causes breakouts and reduces inflammation from existing breakouts. At the same time, supercharged skin cells work to heal the area a breakout has occurred, smoothing complexion and reducing pore size, preventing future breakouts from happening!

Celluma for Wrinkles

The depth of near-infrared light is 880nm, where fat cells are stored and collagen and elastin are produced. The light in this part of the spectrum penetrates th deepest in the skin allowing damaged cells to regenerate and connective tissue to tighten, making your skin look and feel younger!

Celluma for Pain

The depth of red light is 640nm where blood vessels culminate. The light in this area of the skin helps to improve circulation, reducing inflammation, healing damaged muscle and joint tissue, helping you to feel better faster!

For Best Results

Just like any activity focused on health and beauty, it takes consistancy and drive to achieve results. For the best experience, and to get the most out of your Celluma sessions, visit us at least twice a week for up to 30 minutes per treatment area. However, if you are on any medications or have any conditions that prohibits the use of light therapy then be sure to check with your primary physician prior to use.