• Overview

    With full body Cryotherapy, you can expect to immerse yourself in a mist of sub-zero air for 3 minutes. In order to keep warm when you are exposed to extreme cold, your body rushes blood to your core. When you return to room temperature, your extra-oxygenated blood triggers an immediate anti-inflammatory response.

  • Locations

    Whole Body Cryotherapy is available at these Westside Tan Locations:

    • Lancaster
    • Valencia (McBean Wellness)
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Our unique Cryo chambers can eliminate toxins, boost cell renewal, repair muscle tears, supercharge metabolic rate, and give you a natural high.



Cryotherapy is popular among Olympic athletes, but is beneficial for anyone. You can use full body Cryotherapy for weight loss and increased energy just like professional athletes.



Whole body Cryotherapy can reduce inflammatory skin diseases (eczema and psoriasis), improve circulation, build collagen, reduce cellulite, and increase metabolism.

Dress Code

Required Attire: Gloves, Socks/Booties, Cotton Underwear (optional for women). Westside Tan can provide robes, gloves, socks and footwear.

Optional Attire: Bra/Bathing Suit without underwire, Shorts

Safety Tips: Jewelry/Piercings below neck must be removed. Body and undergarments must be dry before entering. Do not apply lotion or cream to your body before the treatment.

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Stress Ease

Studies suggest that people who have used Whole Body or Localized Cryotherapy treatments noticed a reduction in stress and anxiety levels compared to non-users. Dialy Stress Ease supplements paired with Cryotherapy sessions have the potential to greatly reduce stress and anxiety among other benefits. $40 in-store or save $14.50 when you add it to your subscriptions!

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