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We know that everybody is unique and has their own needs. At Westside Tan, we have 13 different top of the line tanning systems available at our various locations. See the list below to find the best service for you!

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  • Prestige 1600

    The Prestige 1600 offers hybrid, red light, and UV luxury performance to mid- and top-level tanners. Intelligent Performance Technology ensures quicker and deeper tanning results in a 10-minute session.

  • Open Sun 1050

    The Open Sun 1050 is the only unit of its kind offering 360-degree high-pressure tanning in an open environment. Get a deep, dark tan in only 12 minutes.

  • Sun Angel

    The Sun Angel tanning bed is built with a sensor to give you the perfect output for your skin type to prevent over exposure. It only takes 15 minutes for a gorgeous tan.

  • Prestige 1100

    Standard Temptronic climate control and extra-wide Multi Relax base acrylic provide a particularly relaxing tanning session while its UV lamp's output is controlled individually, giving your tan consistently excellent results every 10-minute session.

  • Affinity 500

    The Affinity 500 sun bed offers wider surface coverage, shoulder tanners, high pressure facial tanners and a 12 minute tan time.

  • Sunrise 480

    The Sunrise 480 standing sun bed is known for its adaptable features which offer superior comfort. You'll get a beautiful, even tan in a short 9 minutes.

  • Excellence 800

    The Excellence 800 sun bed offers a wider surface area and precision facial tanners. You'll get a great tan in 12 minutes while you lounge in comfort.

  • Sundash 252

    The Sundash 252 sun beds are the perfect entry level beds to start building your tan. You'll be done with a lovely tan in only 20 minutes.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 aids the body in many ways, especially in tanning! Pairing this weekly supplement with your regular tanning schedule can help to boost Vitamin D levels helping you get tanner faster while also improving immune activity and regulating blood sugar. $20 in-store or save $7.25 when you add it to your subscription!

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