• Overview

    The LightStim is a soothing LED light treatment that helps promote overall wellness and peak physiological function by encouraging the body’s inherently restorative processes. Relieve pain, relax sore muscles, and increase blood circulation to deliver oxygen and nutrients throughout the entire body. The LightStim LED Bed is the first LED Bed to receive FDA Clearance!

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  • Locations

    The LightStim LED Full-Body and Pro-Panel is only available at our McBean wellness location in Valencia.

    More locations to be added soon!

    To find our wellness location, click the link below and find "Westside Tan - McBean" on the map.


LightStim LED Bed

LightStim LED Bed delivers a comprehensive full body treatment with 18,240 medical grade LEDs. The Bed’s unique custom design ensures the closest proximity of the skin to the light source for superior results. A unique LED module system in the bed includes sophisticated sensors that monitor and adjust body temperature on a millisecond-by-millisecond basis for consistent tissue temperature and increased blood flow throughout the entire body.

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LightStim ProPanel

This four-panel, hands-free device is thoughtfully designed for versatility, ease of treatment, and client comfort. Use as a stand-alone or as part of a targeted treatment protocol to reduce the visible signs of aging and help promote healthy, smooth, and radiant skin at any age. LightStim developed MultiWave® Patented Technology to simultaneously emit multiple wavelengths of light. Each ProPanel utilizes 1,400 medical-grade LEDs that emit a unique combination of wavelengths optimized for anti-aging, acne or pain.

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Home Care Lights

Designed to last, LightStim Home Care Lights include 72 professional grade LEDs to cover a wide surface area for a shorter treatment time. LightStim for Acne has 36 LEDs. Device handles are ergonomically designed for relaxed and comfortable self-treatment. Available for purchase at our McBean wellness location!

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Vibrant Collagen

Collagen peptides are rich in the amino acids that help nourish skin, hair, and nails and LightStim is FDA approved LED Red Light Therapy that helps stimulate those peptides to regrow and restore. Pair your daily dose of Vibrant Collagen with your next LightStim session! $40 in-store or save $14.50 when you add it to your subscription.

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