By now we all have come to a collective conclusion that Cryotherapy benefits many wellness goals on a broad scale. From improving sleep and general wellness to accelerating recovery and minimizing pain cryotherapy has come a long way since its implementation in the 90’s.

With advancements in technology and healthcare, cryotherapy experts have sought to improve the way Cryotherapy can benefit everyone. However, the question stands, Nitrogen or electric?

Nitrogen Cryotherapy Chambers

Nitrogen Cryotherapy is fairly new compared to traditional refrigeration systems. Large tanks of Nitrogen are used to cool the air in the chamber, as low as -200 degrees Fahrenheit. The ultra-cooled air constricts your blood vessels and raises heart rate for a short 1-3 minute session. Once the session is over and your body starts to warm up, your blood vessels dilate and fresh Oxygenated blood is rushed through the entire body, healing injury and improving mental health.

The only downside to Nitrogen cryotherapy is, due to the harmful effects of inhaling Nitrogen, proper ventilation is required and your head cannot be submerged in vapor, shirking some other benefits you could experience from the chamber.

Electric Cryotherapy Chambers

Just like Nitrogen cryotherapy, Electric cryotherapy is a chamber of super cooled air that can help reduce pain, lose weight, and improve mental health. However, instead of Nitrogen, Electric cryotherapy uses a refrigeration system, much like a home freezer does. This refrigeration system cools fresh oxygenated air as low as -200 degrees Fahrenheit or more, allowing the whole body, including the head, to be completely enclosed within the chamber.


Though Nitrogen and Electric cryotherapy offer the same benefits in similar ways, it is clear that Electric cryotherapy can offer slightly more wellness benefits as an enclosed chamber rather than a heavily ventilated one and is the safer option of two.

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