If you’re interested in getting a tan using a UV tanning bed, then you may be familiar with specialized tanning lotions. Do you actually need tanning lotions to get a tan or are they optional?

Well, if you want a consistent, even, beautiful tan, then we encourage you to use tanning lotion. Let’s discuss the reasons why you should be using tanning lotion.


One of the biggest reasons you should be using tanning lotion stems from something that seems obvious after you think about it.

When you get a tan whether in a UV bed or outside, your skin is heated by UV light and as a result, it will dry out. Tanning lotion helps your skin stay moisturized during the tanning process so it doesn’t dry out and flake.

If you skin is smooth, healthy, and hydrated, it will receive a more even tan and will retain the color for longer. Dry skin will flake off and remove your tan layer by layer. Keep your skin moisturized!


Tanning lotion is not like ordinary body lotion you would buy at a general goods store. They are developed specifically to enhance and protect the skin during the tanning process.

Many tanning lotions are formulated with ingredients that will extend the life of your tan and help prevent your skin from drying and flaking while you’re in the UV bed.

If you want to get a great tan, you need to be using specially made products to optimize your results and protect your skin health.


So you know you need to use tanning lotion for your appointment, but what kind should you get?

The best thing to do is ask any of our salon staff for help. They are trained professionals and get tans themselves. The staff at Westside Tan will help you choose the right tanning lotion for your skin needs.

We sell a select number of tanning lotions in our salons as they contain the highest quality ingredients and have worldwide reputations. When you’re ready to get tanning lotion, we’ll be ready to help!


Tanning lotion is a very important part of achieving a beautiful, even tan.

When you’re ready to get a tan, call the store nearest you to schedule an appointment or search online for tanning salons near me and look for Westside Tan!