You have probably heard about Red Light Therapy (RLT) being a great way to improve health. So what kind of ways can RLT improve your life?

In this post, we’ll explain 3 of the most common benefits people can receive from consistent Red Light Therapy sessions.


Pain relief is the most popular benefit of Red Light Therapy. It’s a soothing, simple, and effective way to relieve pain from sore muscles after workouts or during cold weather.

It has been reported that those who suffer from arthritis and other types of chronic joint inflammation have found incredible improvements in their conditions. The pain from the inflammation is dramatically reduced for some people and that can make the difference between having a good day and a bad day.

So if you’re an active person, an athlete, or someone who deals with joint pain, Red Light Therapy is a fantastic option to find relief.


There are many ways to reduce the appearance of scars by treating the scar tissue on the surface of the skin. But Red Light Therapy can be a more effective way to treat the tissue in the deeper layers of the skin.

Just as the Red Light penetrates the skin to provide relief to aching muscles and joints, it can help to repair damaged tissue made by scars.

This process is not immediate, but over time it is possible to see slight visible reductions in scars after consistent exposure to Red Light Therapy.


The first two benefits we talked about dealt with healing the body and skin, and our third benefit is very similar.

Red Light Therapy has helped people speed up their wound healing time which can make a big difference in the long run.

Wounds that take longer to heal are more susceptible to infections and being made worse if agitated again. If you have wounds on your hands, it’s likely that it may take extra time to heal because you use your hands for practically everything.

Red Light Therapy can stimulate the body’s natural wound repair process to increase the speed so you have less down time resulting from injuries.


We offer Red Light Therapy treatments at our full service spas. It’s a wonderful way to get your body and skin healthy again. If you’re interested in these treatments, search Red Light Therapy near me and look for Westside Tan!

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