Can Cryotherapy help with weight loss? Short answer, yes. Long answer, Cryotherapy acts as a supplementary treatment to help with weight loss along with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

In this post, we’ll explain why Cryotherapy can help you lose weight and who it is especially helpful for.


One of the most difficult obstacles in losing weight is having a low metabolic rate. If you eat healthy and do cardio exercises everyday but still can’t seem to lose weight, it might be your metabolism.

Entering Cryotherapy chambers for a short period of time can help increase your metabolic rate temporarily as your body will quickly burn calories to generate warmth.

Much like saunas and heat therapy, this is meant to be a supplement to daily exercise and healthy eating.


As we discussed in the last section, a low metabolism is a major obstacle for those who struggle to lose weight. Sometimes we do everything right like running every day and eating our veggies, but it doesn’t have the kind of impact we hope for.

If you struggle to lose weight despite leading an otherwise healthy and active lifestyle, then Cryotherapy is for you. We have the technology to supplement your weight loss routines when other methods aren’t helping like they should.

So if you have a high metabolism or have a history of being overweight, Cryotherapy could be that extra boost to help you burn calories on top of your daily exercises.


When you’re trying to lose weight, the best thing you can do is never give up. If something isn’t working, keep trying new things. Maybe Cryotherapy is that extra routine you need to get to the weight you desire.

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