Cold Therapy or Cryotherapy has been used by collegiate, professional, and Olympic athletes for many years and for good reason. Cryotherapy treatments are one of the quickest, most effective ways to relieve muscle pain and soreness after playing sports.

Many athletic teams have tubs for ice baths, but they are quickly moving away from those as ice baths require time to prepare before and after the process. Ice baths can work but are inefficient, uncomfortable, and potentially dangerous when trying to relief soreness and pain.


The wonderful part of air-based Cryotherapy treatments is that they can cover the entire body, certain parts of the body, or the face and neck.

Whole Body Cryotherapy involves sitting or standing in a chamber that affects your entire body. Localized Cryotherapy is directing cold, pressurized air to specific parts of the body. Cryotherapy Facials are treatments specifically designed to support the face and neck.

These 3 types of Cryotherapy treatments can target affected areas of your body, face, or neck to provide fast and effective relief after workouts, exercising, or sporting events.


With Localized Cryotherapy, you can have treatments done during breaks at sporting events. If you’re playing a long game, for example you might have a short treatment done on your arm in between baseball innings. You can relieve sore muscles during breaks between quarters or periods or even half-time.

It’s becoming more popular among student athletes who depend upon their bodies and talent to earn scholarships and professional careers. Any safe and reliable relief from pain is necessary to ensure that the athletes can continue to perform at their highest level.


There is nothing worse than an injury to an athlete who has aspirations of playing their sport at the college and professional levels. Getting an injury could mean losing scholarships and not getting drafted into professional leagues.

The most important aspect of dealing with an injury is how well and how quickly you can heal from it. If you can quickly and fully recover from an injury, it could save your opportunity to play your sport at higher levels.

Cryotherapy sessions paired with resting and other physical therapies can help quickly restore the body to its peak performing conditions. So if you want to prevent injuries and soreness or need to quickly rehabilitate from muscle pain, Cryotherapy treatments can help bring you back to the top of your game.


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