About the HaloIR


The HaloIR takes halotherapy and combines it with infrared therapy creating an optimal environment for restoration and wellness. The added heating element from the infrared suna opens up the pores in the skin and allows expansion in the lungs making the halotherapy benefits more effective.


Halotherapy is a facy way of saying dry salt therapy where the air within a given space is infused with tiny salt particles. The benefits of halotherapy can range from chronic lung conditions to seasonal allergies and even calm skin conditions.

Infrared Therapy

Infrared therapy uses light just past the visible light spectrum but just before microwaves. Infrared light comes off as heat but has the ability to penetrate deep into the skin restoring damaged cells and encourage healing. Infrared therapy is best used for people suffering from chronic pain, recovering from injury or to boost weight loss results but it also has many other general wellness benefits.

Added Features

The HaloIR also provides chromatherapy, a medical grade LED ambient light that adds to your wellness and relaxation experience. We also offer guided meditation and relaxing music to help clear your mind during your session, ultimately reducing stress allowing your body to relax tensed muscles for maximum healing benefits.

One session in the HaloIR is only 20 minutes and you can choose the type of session you are looking for whether you just want to experience halotherapy, infrared, heated halotherapy or combine the two into one session for best results.