Cryotherapy, also known as WBC or Whole-Body Cryotherapy is subjecting the body to freezing/near-freezing temperatures to relieve pain from injuries, ailments, and to promote natural loss of fat.

Standing or sitting in a specially designed Cryo Chamber, the body is exposed to cold air at temperatures ranging from -200F to -256F for a period between one and a half to three minutes.

This form of Cold Therapy has been in use for decades in other countries like Japan, and has only recently caught on in America.

There is a significant advantage to using cold, dry air for Cryotherapy as it is far more tolerable to the human body than a wet cold, which one would find in an ice bath.


One of the most popular benefits to undergoing Cryotherapy treatments is that it can be used to treat physical distresses like sore muscles, nerve pain, and arthritis.

Although Cryotherapy is finding a wider audience in spas and wellness salons, professional and Olympic athletes have been using Cold Therapy derivatives for years. Many professional sporting clubhouses have ice baths for their athletes to rehabilitate their muscles after playing their respective sport.


Have you ever had a wart or potentially cancerous growth? If you’ve had something of the sort, you’ve probably had it removed by a doctor who simply killed the growth by freezing it off your body.

Cryotherapy and freezing malignant growths is a legitimate practice that has been used for years by professional medical doctors because it’s quick, easy, and most importantly effective.

Going through WBC or Whole-Body Cryotherapy sessions has inadvertently helped people prevent further development of cancerous tumors they didn’t realize they had. Low-risk, small growths may not be found until it’s too late. People have shared stories of Cryotherapy sessions that accidentally prevented cancerous growths.


For a long time, humans have understood that subjecting the body to extreme temperatures is a valid and simple way to reduce fat. Scientifically speaking, it makes a lot of sense. Just like sitting in saunas forces your body to work overtime to regulate it’s internal temperature, Cryotherapy chambers do the same.

Your body has to burn calories to stay warm, so if you subject your body to extremely cold environments for a controlled amount of time, you will naturally burn calories. It’s a wonder of nature that our bodies have ways to regulate cold and heat. Cryotherapy is a way to take advantage of this for your own benefit.


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