The LightStim LED bed is patented technology, made in the United States, to offer the best full-body LED red light therapy treatment with the best quality control. All 18,240 LED lights are FDA approved and medical grade LEDs, carefully secured in each panel for the closest proximity to the skin.

Each separate LED panel has state-of-the-art, customized acrylic that eliminates distortion for better light absorption and a more effective treatment. The bed also includes a unique module system that uses ultra sensitive sensors to track and adjust body temperature every milisecond to achieve consistent tissue temperature and increase bloodflow throughout the body.


The LightStim LED Bed offers all the benefits of LightStim products for the entire body, including joint and muscle pain relief.

Purchase the LightStim handheld devices in-store for at-home use between LightStim LED Bed sessions for the best results!