Using the Cocoon Wellness Pod is one of the most popular spa treatments at Westside Tan and for good reason.

It’s an all-encompassing system that provides personal relaxation and health benefits with a wide variety of holistic treatments.

It combines vibratory massaging with infrared heat, aromatherapy and Himalayan salt to create a deeply rejuvenating experience.

In this post, we’ll detail the benefits this amazing system offers.


If you’re sore from exercising or deal with chronic pain, the Cocoon Wellness Pod is a great choice to find relief.

The dry infrared heat improved blood circulation which can help loosen tense muscles and even increase flexibility. Along with the heat therapy, the Cocoon can perform dual wave vibrational massaging to relax your body and feel genuine comfort during the session.


Everyone’s favorite part of the machine is the aromatherapy paired with the Himalayan salt crystal. It’s an easy, passive way to clear sinuses and improve breathing and lung health.

The dry heat from the interior infrared lighting can help open pores to release toxins and clear your skin. It also works similar to the Cryotherapy treatments where the extreme hot/cold will cause your body to burn more calories as it regulates your internal temperature. Just like saunas, it can supplement your efforts to lose weight.


There has never been a more important time in history to consider your mental well-being. Anxiety, depression, and general stress can cause a lot of damage to your mind and as a result, your body.

Everyone needs time to relax and decompress from the worries of the day. The aromatherapy, warm, hugging heat, and soothing massaging of the Cocoon all help to put your mind at ease and give you a renewed sense of energy.

If you don’t have any physical soreness or pain, then the Cocoon is still a great option to relax your mind after a long day of work.


The Cocoon Wellness Pod has so many benefits that it’s impossible to pass over. If you’re curious about trying a session in the Cocoon, call the store nearest you to learn more or schedule an appointment.