Do You Need Protective Eyewear for Tanning?

If you’re new to tanning, then you may be wondering if you need special eyewear to use a UV tanning bed.

The answer is yes, you do need special eyewear and in this post, we’ll explain why.

Federal Regulations

It is nationally mandated by Federal Regulation (CFR 21 1040.20 (c) (4)) that anyone who uses a sunless tanning bed must wear protective eyewear during the session.

As this is a Federal Regulation, we at Westside Tan are lawfully obliged to follow it for the safety and wellbeing of our clients.

Protecting your Eyes

The eyewear available at our tanning salons are designed to block 99.9% UVB rays and 99% UVA rays from the light emitted from the tanning beds.

It is imperative that the eyewear be worn at all times during the tanning session. Overexposure to UVA and UVB light can cause damage to the physical structure of the eyes, and can cause swelling, redness, and loss of color perception. Some eye injuries and disorders include Photokeratitis (Cornea Sunburn), Cataracts, Pterygium (Abnormal tissue growth) and damage to the cornea.

Proper eyewear must be worn when using any tanning bed. Towels, cotton balls, and sunglasses are not suitable protective equipment.

Your Safety Matters to Us

We all know how good a beautiful tan looks, but it’s not worth risking damage to eliminate tan lines around your eyes.

You only have two eyes so take care of them! If you cause harm to your eyes, then you won’t be able to appreciate your fantastic tan!


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