What Tanning Lotion Should You Buy?

Many people don’t realize that there are good options and bad options when it comes to tanning lotions. Although they may generally do the same things, each bottle and brand of tanning lotion is different.

When it comes to buying tanning lotions, there is an option that is perfect for you.

Trust the Professionals

There is a reason we trust professionals when they provide us recommendations; that’s because they are paid to do their job.

If a doctor prescribes a special medicine to heal your illness, you’re probably going to get it because your doctor knows what’s best for you.

It’s the same with tanning lotions. When you come to Westside Tan, our salon staff have years of experience with tanning and they know which bottle and brand of tanning lotion will perform best for the tan you want to achieve.

Professional Products Sold by Salons

Many of the best product brands will sell their products only to authorized tanning salons because they are intended for professional use.

If you see tanning lotions on Amazon or eBay, they are generic, cheap, discontinued, and probably expired products. You wouldn’t get special medicine from the internet; you’d get it prescribed by a trusted and professional doctor.

At Westside Tan, we only sell products that we would use and do use on ourselves. We are highly selective of the products we carry in our salons because we want to provide only the highest quality tanning lotions to our clients.

Which Tanning Lotion Do I Choose?

When you’re ready to get a tanning lotion, ask our tanning specialists in our salons for the best options. They will know the solution you need to achieve your beautiful and even tan.

Our salon specialists are always happy to help because when you’re happy with a great tan, then we’re happy too!


Buying tanning lotions can be a confusing task, but don’t do it on your own! Let us help you choose the right products for your needs!

Call us to schedule your next appointment or search online for tanning salons near me and look for Westside Tan!