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You have probably heard about Red Light Therapy (RLT) being a great way to improve health. So what kind of ways can RLT improve your life? In this post, we'll explain 3 of the most common benefits people can receive from consistent Red Light Therapy sessions. Muscle and Joint Pain Relief Pain relief is the most popular benefit of Red Light Therapy. It's a soothing, simple, and effective way to relieve pain from sore muscles after workouts or during cold weather. It has been

Many people don't realize that there are good options and bad options when it comes to tanning lotions. Although they may generally do the same things, each bottle and brand of tanning lotion is different. When it comes to buying tanning lotions, there is an option that is perfect for you. Trust the Professionals There is a reason we trust professionals when they provide us recommendations; that's because they are paid to do their job. If a doctor prescribes a special medicine to heal

If you're interested in getting a tan using a sunless UV tanning bed, then you may be familiar with specialized tanning lotions. Do you actually need tanning lotions to get a tan or are they optional? Well, if you want a consistent, even, beautiful tan, then we encourage you to use tanning lotion. Let's discuss the reasons why you should be using tanning lotion. Retaining Skin Moisture One of the biggest reasons you should be using tanning lotion stems from something that seems

So you want to try tanning for the first time, but how do you prepare? In this post we'll cover the ways you need to prepare for a great tanning experience at Westside Tan. Shower, Shave, Exfoliate You'll want to be as clean as possible for your tanning session so that your skin can get the most even tan. To prepare, this includes showering, shaving, and exfoliating. You don't have to shave your entire body, but if you normally shave certain parts of your

If you're new to tanning, then you may be wondering if you need special eyewear to use a UV tanning bed. The answer is yes, you do need special eyewear and in this post, we'll explain why. Federal Regulations It is nationally mandated by Federal Regulation (CFR 21 1040.20 (c) (4)) that anyone who uses a sunless tanning bed must wear protective eyewear during the session. As this is a Federal Regulation, we at Westside Tan are lawfully obliged to follow it for the