What is Red Light Therapy?

You have probably heard about Red Light Therapy (RLT), but do you know how it works?

In this post, we’ll explain what RLT is, how it works, and a few benefits you might see from it.

Safe and Natural Process

Red Light Therapy is a safe and all-natural, non-invasive process that encourages your body to produce enzymes, elastin fibers, and collagen that support the skin’s structure, producing younger, smoother, firmer-feeling skin.

It repairs damaged skin, kills bacteria to fight acne, reduces pore size, dramatically reduces fine lines and wrinkles, relieves joint pain, reduces scars and stretch marks, evens out pigmentation, and much more.

Science of Wavelengths

Everyone knows natural light exposure in moderation is beneficial to one’s health. According to photomedicine researchers, a narrow band of light closest to the red and infrared end of the spectrum is most useful for healing the body and skin.

Red Light Therapy uses this type of light to improve your skin’s health, relieve your muscle and joint pain, and improve circulation.

How it Works

You expose your body to the infrared light source for a set amount of time so that your cells can absorb the beneficial properties. The more surface area of your skin you expose to the Red Light, the greater the benefits.


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