Cocoon Wellness Pod Features

The Cocoon Wellness Pod is one of our newest featured spa treatments at Westside Tan. People can’t get enough of it and for good reason!

The Cocoon is a fully encompassing experience that uses dry infrared heat, vibratory massaging, aromatherapy, and Himalayan salt crystals to provide comfort and relief.

It’s quickly become popular because of the number of features included in the system which we’ll cover in this post.

Adjustable Dry Heat System

It’s so important to have a system that quickly adjusts to each individual’s needs. With the Cocoon Wellness Pod, you can control the heat levels to make it most suitable for you.

Vibrational Massaging

There is nothing like a good massage to relieve tension, sore muscles, chronic pain, and even mental stress. The soothing full-body massaging system exert small, rhythmic vibrations to gently stimulate and loosen muscles.

Touch Screen Customization

The Cocoon comes with a touch screen control system that allows you to select from numerous preset treatments or even customize your own. It has never been easier to get the full spa treatment than using the Cocoon Wellness Pod

Integrated Aromatherapy System

It’s no secret that aromatherapy has real, scientific merits. The use of essential oils diffused in a controlled aromatherapy system can help to clear sinuses, headaches, muscle tension, and simply induce deep relaxation.

Himalayan Salt Crystal

The Himalayan salt crystals are trending right now because they are like another form of aromatherapy. The salt-infused air is powerful for clearing sinuses and improving breathing.


The Cocoon Wellness Pod is constantly being booked because it truly offers a holistic spa treatment. For more information about the Cocoon or to schedule an appointment, call us at the location nearest you.