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You probably have a good idea of what a sunburn is especially if you've been sun burnt before. In this post we'll discuss the science behind sunburns, their symptoms, and how you can avoid sunburns while still getting a beautiful tan. Identifying a Sunburn Sunburns are patches of painful, red skin that feels hot to the touch. They occur after a few hours of overexposure to UV light either from the sun or from artificial sources. UV radiation is a wavelength of sunlight in

The Cocoon Wellness Pod is one of our newest featured spa treatments at Westside Tan. People can't get enough of it and for good reason! The Cocoon is a fully encompassing experience that uses dry infrared heat, vibratory massaging, aromatherapy, and Himalayan salt crystals to provide comfort and relief. It's quickly become popular because of the number of features included in the system which we'll cover in this post. Adjustable Dry Heat System It's so important to have a system that quickly adjusts to

Using the Cocoon Wellness Pod is one of the most popular spa treatments at Westside Tan and for good reason. It's an all-encompassing system that provides personal relaxation and health benefits with a wide variety of holistic treatments. It combines vibratory massaging with infrared heat, aromatherapy and Himalayan salt to create a deeply rejuvenating experience. In this post, we'll detail the benefits this amazing system offers. Muscle and Joint Pain Relief If you're sore from exercising or deal with chronic pain, the Cocoon Wellness Pod

The Cocoon Wellness Pod is one of the latest additions to the state-of-the-art equipment line-up at Westside Tan. It's a unique system that combines dry heat and infrared heat with vibratory massaging, aromatherapy, and Himalayan salt infused air to create a restorative relaxing full-body experience. Not only is it pleasant to use, but it comes with many benefits and high-end features to make for an amazing session of relaxation. Benefits One of the great parts of the Cocoon Wellness Pod is the number of

Can Cryotherapy help with weight loss? Short answer, yes. Long answer, Cryotherapy acts as a supplementary treatment to help with weight loss along with a healthy diet and regular exercise. In this post, we'll explain why Cryotherapy can help you lose weight and who it is especially helpful for. Speeding Up Your Metabolism One of the most difficult obstacles in losing weight is having a low metabolic rate. If you eat healthy and do cardio exercises everyday but still can't seem to lose